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Waukee CabinetWorks Heritage Cabinets

Let your imagination run wild with Waukee CabinetWorks' own line of custom Heritage Cabinets. Choosing custom Heritage Cabinets means that you have complete control over the customization of your cabinetry, including the color and the size of your cabinets. Additionally, Heritage Cabinets are locally fabricated, right here in Waukee, Iowa. These cabinets are typically frameless, which provides ample storage space for you and your family. Heritage cabinets allow you and your designer to design the perfect space, whether it is in the kitchen, in the bathroom or even in the entertainment center of your home. Locally fabricated cabinets that are designed using all current technologies, traditional techniques, materials, finishes and textures within reach, Heritage Cabinets and furnishing sets the standard for high-quality craftsmanship and will make an enduring statement in your home. Waukee CabinetWorks produces designs and cabinetry that will impress, endure, and amaze you and visitors of your home for years to come. Keep scrolling to see why you should choose Heritage Cabinets from Waukee CabinetWorks for your next project, whether it be for your kitchen, bathroom or even your garage.

What Makes Waukee CabinetWorks Heritage Cabinets Unique?

Large Kitchen Island

When we say we can build any dimension, we mean it! This client wanted an island that would fit all of her children, so Waukee CabinetWorks built her an 8-foot island for her kitchen. Now kitchen-time can be family-time, too!

Farmhouse Kichen

The color choices are endless when it comes to Heritage! If you want green cabinets, then you can have green cabinets! Waukee CabinetWorks will work with you to find the color you have always wanted your cabinets to be. 

Full Kitchen Remodel

Being locally fabricated, our designers can work directly with you and our shop to make sure the cabinets you want are the cabinets you get, no matter the size, style or color of the cabinets. Contact Waukee CabinetWorks to get started. 

2016 Homeshow Kitchen

Some of our Heritage projects have won us a few awards, including this kitchen that was voted Best Kitchen in the 2016 Des Moines Homeshow. We also provided cabinetry for other areas of the home, including a bathroom.

2017 Homeshow Kitchen

The 2016 Homeshow wasn't the only show we were a part of. We also built this beautiful kitchen for the 2017 Des Moines Homeshow with Heritage Cabinets. In addition, we also completed a bathroom and bar.

Waukee CabinetWorks builds more than just cabinetry for your kitchen. We can build you a custom closet for any room in your house, too, including a master closet like this or closet organization for a guest room.

Schedule an appointment with one of our designers to begin designing your perfect custom project for anywhere in your house, including the kitchen, bathroom, closet, garage and bar. If you can think it, we can build it.