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Quality Cabinet Accessories

For the highest level of personalization, the team at WCW offers a variety of quality cabinet accessories and fixtures that will bring the customized look you’ve been craving to life. From customizable cabinet hardware and interior lighting to drawer pulls, cabinet organizers, and Stansci hoods for kitchen ventilation, you can mix and match the design elements that work for your home. We have a nearly limitless collection of quality cabinet accessories, and our team of professionals is ready to guide you through the design process until you reach your “ah, ha!” moment. We don’t make compromises when it comes to cabinetry, and we strive for nothing less than your lasting satisfaction.  

Decorative Cabinet Hardware

It has been said that selecting decorative cabinet hardware is as difficult a decision as choosing the style and the color of the cabinetry itself.  That’s understandable, given the sheer number of styles, finishes, and sizes on the market.  Our variety of quality decorative cabinet hardware is so expansive that it can be difficult to navigate through all of the possibilities for your project. Fortunately, our team of experts will be there to offer guidance during every step of the design process, ready to make informed suggestions based on the styles you’re drawn to. We’ve provided a list of cabinet fixture and hardware manufacturer’s websites below so you can begin your search even before our first consultation. Most of our cabinet fixture and hardware manufacturers offer a quick-ship sample program, but even if they don’t, we’ll be happy to order one in for you! If you have chosen a brand already, and you don’t see it listed, contact us and we will help order the product for you!

HR Decorative hardware.jpg

Custom-Designed Cabinet Lighting

Waukee CabinetWorks has partnered with Häfele and their Loox Lighting Program to provide a quality selection of custom cabinet lighting designs for our customers. They offer a myriad of choices for cabinet lighting installation, including light temperatures, dimmers, LED strips, LED tape, pucks and in 12V and 24V to fit your specifications. If you are unsure which custom cabinet lighting designs you would prefer, they offer a free design service that we can call into action after your cabinet layout is finalized with your designer. Each lighting system is designed to be easily integrated into your cabinetry by WCW, including above-and below-wall cabinets, the toe kick area of the base cabinets, cabinet interiors and even inside drawers. The lighting system does require the services of a licensed electrician to place outlets in strategic locations. The lighting system is UL Listed. Check out the simulation tool to help you envision the options available. 

White butler's pantry with open shelving

Cabinet Storage Solutions

Everything in your home should have its place. At WCW, we make that dream a reality by incorporating high-quality organizational accessories into your custom cabinetry design. Every possible detail of our cabinets is subject to total customization, so they can directly answer the stylistic and functional needs of your home. Our custom cabinet storage solutions are numerous and include, but are not limited to, pull-outs for waste containers, convenient pantry organizers, sink and base cabinets, Lazy Susans, custom closet organization, drawer accessories, bathroom accessories, wall cabinets and completely hidden compartments. Don’t make compromises with standard cabinets when you can enjoy customized cabinet storage solutions that will make a daily difference. 

Pullout drawers that includes utensils for cooking
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