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How Much is Your Dream Kitchen Going to Cost?

Waukee CabinetWorks offers products and designs that stay within budget, yet doesn't skip out on style. Sometimes even the smallest things in a kitchen design can end up costing you a lot of money. We make sure that you stay in your budget, yet still, receive the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. When you work with our designers, they will provide you with designs and color renderings of your kitchen, so you know exactly what you are receiving. The drawings below are all of the same 12'x12' kitchen but are each designed differently depending on price points. The prices that are listed are estimates and do not include demolition or installation. Basic Design This first design is one of our

Refacing 101

Waukee CabinetWorks is proud to offer clients the opportunity to reface their cabinets. Refacing is a great way to give your kitchen a face-lift, without going through the process of picking out brand new cabinets. Before you contact Waukee CabinetWorks about refacing your cabinets, make sure you fully understand what cabinet refacing means. Are my cabinets eligible for refacing? Not all cabinets are eligible for refacing. If you want to change the layout of your kitchen, then you are not eligible for refacing. When you reface your cabinets, the cabinet box stays the same, but the doors and drawers will receive a new look. You can, however, do a combination of installing brand new cabinets a

5 Easy Ways to Incorporate the Pantone Spring Palette into Your Design

Spring is (finally) here, which means that the Pantone Color Institute has released the new Spring 2019 Color Palette. You will see these colors in men's and women's fashion, but why not incorporate them into your next interior design project? While we may not be able to give you these exact colors, we can match them to similar colors from Sherwin-Williams. Check out our list of 5 ways you can use this color palette in your kitchen. Wall Color One of the easiest items you can change in your kitchen is the wall color. It's not a bad idea to change it up every once in a while to give the entire kitchen a new feel and personality. A lot of the colors in this season's palette are going to match

What Even Is Cabinet Overlay?

Let's be honest. Picking out cabinets can be overwhelming. You need to decide more than just the style and color. You have to think about what kind of extension you want, the overlay, the budget and the list goes on and on. To stay relaxed during this overwhelming process, we have gathered a list of key terms you will hear while you search for cabinets. Overlay When meeting with your designer, you will hear the word "overlay," a few times. What exactly does that mean? It refers to how much the cabinet doors and drawers overlap the cabinet frame. There are three different types of overlay when it comes to cabinets, and each of them has benefits and drawbacks. They are partial overlay, full ov

The Difference Between Full Custom & Semi-Custom Cabinetry

When selecting cabinetry for your home, there are many factors that will drive the decision-making process. The main factors, however, are generally the total investment required and the look you love. Those two factors and others will help you determine whether our Full Custom Cabinetry or Semi-Custom Cabinetry is the right choice for your needs. Our line of WCW Heritage Cabinets would be considered Full Custom Cabinetry. Being Full Custom means that cabinets can be anything you dream of and meet any specification your design requires. It gives you and your designer the options to be innovative and find unique solutions to make your space truly yours. It offers endless door styles, paint co

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