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5 Easy Ways to Incorporate the Pantone Spring Palette into Your Design

Spring is (finally) here, which means that the Pantone Color Institute has released the new Spring 2019 Color Palette. You will see these colors in men's and women's fashion, but why not incorporate them into your next interior design project? While we may not be able to give you these exact colors, we can match them to similar colors from Sherwin-Williams. Check out our list of 5 ways you can use this color palette in your kitchen.

Wall Color

One of the easiest items you can change in your kitchen is the wall color. It's not a bad idea to change it up every once in a while to give the entire kitchen a new feel and personality. A lot of the colors in this season's palette are going to match perfectly with components that are already in your kitchen, as well as the style of the entire house.<