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The Least Popular Trends in Kitchen Design

Design trends are always changing. The design element that was considered trendy ten years ago, may be considered cringy and outdated now. We have put together a list of the five biggest trends that we are seen being thrown out the window.

Kitchen Desks

Kitchen desks were all the rage a decade ago, but are they still the rage now? It depends on who you ask. Some homeowners genuinely use the kitchen desk as a desk. It is where creative minds think, homework gets done and bills get paid. Why get rid of something you use daily?

There are other people, however, who use it as a breeding ground for junk. It is the first place people stop when they come home from school and work and pile up their wallets, keys, papers and more. For those people, it is rarely used as a desk but instead used as a junk collector. If you are one of those people, consider changing out that desk space for something else. Many people have transformed their kitchen desks into coffee or wine bars. Others have even transformed it into a pantry. This is a great option for people who are short on storage space in their kitchen.

Tiled Countertops

While tiled countertops add a certain type of personality to a kitchen, many are choosing to go a different direction, and we can't say that we blame them. There are so many things to be wary of with tiled countertops that you do not have to worry about with a natural stone top. Cleanliness, for example, is a big issue. Crumbs, dust and grime can easily get stuck in the grout, making it difficult to clean and keep clean. This is especially an issue if you do not seal the grout regularly. Another issue is that the tiles can be uneven, especially if you are not getting the countertops professionally installed. If the tiles are installed incorrectly, it easily shows and will affect the resale process.

All-White Kitchens

All-white kitchens are appealing to many because they are considered a safe choice. Most people assume that white will never go out of style, but there may be a thing as having too white of a kitchen. After a while, it may start to look a little stark and clinical. We are not saying that having white cabinets and a white countertop is a bad thing, but consider adding a little bit of color in there as well. For example, use white cabinets on the perimeter and a pop of color, such as blue or green, on the kitchen island. Doing this helps bring a little more life to your kitchen and helps break up the space.

Cherry Cabinets

Cherry cabinets are beautiful, but do they stand the test of time? We are finding that more and more homeowners are choosing to stray away from cherry cabinets and are choosing to go with something else, such as a painted cabinet, instead. The color of cherry cabinets tends to change over time. For example, if your cherry cabinets are exposed to sunlight, they will darken over time. This changes the entire look of your kitchen, but it may not be for the best.

Granite Countertops

Like kitchen desks, granite countertops used to be very popular. While many people are still installing granite countertops, we are seeing growing popularity in quartz countertops. Unlike granite, quartz countertops require very little maintenance. Granite, on the other hand, needs to be regularly sealed. Granite is a porous element, which means that it is easy for bacteria to sneak into the countertop. Overall, people are choosing quartz countertops over granite because it works better with their lifestyle.

Your kitchen should reflect your style. If you love having a desk in your kitchen, do not change it out, just because some people find theirs useless. Your space has to work for you. If you have areas in your kitchen that you find outdated, give us a call at (515) 310-1070 or schedule an appointment with one of our designers.

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