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10 Countertops to Get You Ready for Fall

We are getting in the fall spirit here at Waukee CabinetWorks! We love fall, from the sports to the weather to even the colors. We have put together a list of some of our favorite fall-themed countertops to help get you in the spirit as well! Take a look at our top 10 fall quartz countertops from both Caesarstone and Cambria.

Just the name alone reminds us of fall! Is there anything better than looking cozy in a flannel shirt or snuggling up by the fireplace in a flannel blanket? We don't think so! This Flannel Grey countertop from Caesarstone is the perfect reminder that fall is always right around the corner.

Bare tree branches are such a prevalent part in many scary movies. That is why we had to include Skara Brae in this list. The black streaks throughout this slab remind us of tree branches waving in the wind. We personally love the moodiness that is this quartz slab.

There are so many things to love about Taj Royale. We love how simple it looks but still reminds us of fall with the earthy tones that run through it. The simplicity of it reminds us of all the family moments that happen in fall. Not all family moments are peaceful, but they represent togetherness and simple times. Taj Royale is a perfect representation of that.

If you love fall as much as we do, then you will want an Excava countertop in your house. It helps keep you in the fall spirit year-round.Between the color of this slab and the movement that is in it, we cannot think about anything BUT fall when we look at it!

Tuscan Dawn reminds us of the end of fall. The brown with a hint of white represents the upcoming winter months, which brings snow and cold temperatures. While thinking about winter is not exciting, it is fun to think about everything that winter brings, including family time and the start of a new year.

We do not think there is any other countertop that screams fall like this Aberdeen countertop from Cambria. We love everything about this piece, from the color to the movement, which reminds us of leaves falling to the ground.

A lot happens during the fall season, which is why Clairidge reminds us so much of fall. The layers in this slab show the different layers of fall. From football to family and everything between, a lot is happening in the fall months. There are a lot of layers to fall, but together they make something beautiful.

Have you ever gone to a pumpkin patch and paid attention to the vines? If you have, then you understand why Ellesmere is on this list. The veins that run through this quartz slab remind us of the pumpkin patch and puts us in the pumpkin-carving spirit!

Fall is not just about the weather. It's also about holidays, including Halloween! This Woodlands countertop gives us a spooky vibe, and we are here for it! The best part about this countertop is that you can brighten the mood by pairing it with lighter cabinets, such as the ones pictured.

Rounding out our list is Golden Dragon, which is the backsplash in this particular photo. We get some serious, creepy Halloween vibes from this slab, but it is so unique that you cannot help but love it.

We hope going through this list helped get you ready for the fall season! We love being able to match people's style to their kitchens, and we want to help you do that! Get started by giving us a call at (515) 310-1070 or schedule an appointment with one of our designers.

All photos and products are from Caesarstone and Cambria. Check out their websites to get more information about each product.

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