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Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Cabinets

Picking out the right cabinets for your next home renovation project can be overwhelming. You have to think about the color, the style, the wood type and, most importantly, the budget. Luckily, we have put together a guide that will help reduce some of the stress of picking out the perfect cabinets.

Heritage Cabinets by Waukee CabinetWorks

Heritage - WCW Full-Custom Fabricated Cabinets

Fabricated in Waukee, Heritage Cabinets allow you to have customization of your cabinets. This includes the style, size and color. Heritage cabinets are frameless, which means that you have ample storage space for you and your family. Our cabinets are designed using current technologies, traditional techniques, materials, finishes and textures within reach. Heritage Cabinets and furnishing sets the standard for high-quality craftsmanship and will make an enduring statement in your home. Waukee CabinetWorks produces designs and cabinetry that will impress, endure, and amaze you for years to come.

The lead time for Heritage Cabinets can vary, depending on the current demand. If you are having trouble finding the color combination and style that you have been looking for, check out the great line of WCW Heritage Cabinets.

UltraCraft kitchen cabinetry

Designer: Jenny Roush Newman, West End Cabinet Company Photographer: J. Sinclair Photography

UltraCraft - WCW Semi-Custom Dealer Cabinet

UltraCraft cabinets are an excellent choice if you are considering a modern style. These cabinets come in a wide variety of standard colors and door materials, as well as unlimited sizes. UltraCraft Cabinets are a more contemporary style, but traditional styles are an option. UltraCraft uses full overlay doors, full extension drawers and frameless cabinets. Frameless cabinets provide 15% more storage space, which is especially useful for smaller kitchens.

UltraCraft has a great selection of colors and styles that you will fall in love with that you can check out in their Style Book. If you are having trouble picking from their standard colors or materials, we recommend looking at Heritage cabinets.

Fieldstone Cabinetry kitchen cabinets

Fieldstone - WCW Semi-Custom Dealer Cabinet

If you are having problems finding exactly the right color and style for your cabinets, you may want to turn to Fieldstone Cabinetry. They offer an almost limitless amount of combinations, including colors and accessories. Fieldstone Cabinetry also includes 100's of door styles, a multitude of door materials and more standard colors, which makes it easy to find your perfect set of cabinets. Whether you are looking for a face-framed walnut cabinet or a hickory inset cabinet, Waukee CabinetWorks can help you find the Fieldstone cabinet you have been looking for.

Check out Fieldstone's beautiful line of work in their Idea Book. If you want a more customized cabinet, though, we would suggest Heritage Cabinets.

Fabuwood kitchen cabinets

Fabuwood - WCW Basic Dealer Cabinet

When thinking about what you want in a cabinet, you have to decide what is most important to you. If the budget is important, you may want to consider a Fabuwood cabinet. These cabinets come in a variety of values. If you want an economical cabinet, you may want one that includes a partial overlay door with a partial extension drawer and no soft close. If you are okay with spending a little extra money, check out the cabinets that include a full overlay door with a full extension drawer and a soft close. Fabuwood makes it easy to keep the price where you want it with different combinations, and Fabuwood offers one of the shortest lead times, at only 2-3 weeks.

The lower price of cabinets does mean a limited option in a few areas, including cabinet sizes, colors and doors, but there are still plenty to choose. Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary, you are bound to find a cabinet you will love. Check out Fabuwood's line in their Style Guide.

Whether you are looking for cabinets from an economic standpoint or a style standpoint, our designers can help bring your ideas to life. Let us help you get started by calling us at (515) 310-1070 or emailing us at info@waukeecabinetworks.com.

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