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Jaw Dropping Kitchen Trends You Can't Miss

It's time to really start thinking about your next kitchen renovation. Whether you are installing new cabinetry, or just installing new countertops, you have to make sure you know the latest and greatest trends when it comes to kitchens. To help you stay on top, we have put together a guide about the latest and greatest kitchen trends in the Des Moines area.

1. Refacing existing cabinets

Do you ever get tired of looking at something? We do and we know how easy it is to get tired of looking at your kitchen cabinets. Instead of replacing the entire kitchen, many people have turned to refacing their cabinets. Refacing is a great option, especially when you don't intend on changing the entire layout of your kitchen. It is obviously still an investment to make when you reface, but it is usually not as expensive as getting completely new kitchen cabinets. Of course, if you are looking to change the layout of your kitchen, this will not be a viable option. The best part about refacing your kitchen cabinets? Waukee CabinetWorks can help you do it!

Matte-finished kitchen cabinets

2. Matte finishes

While having a glossy finish on your cabinets is going to give your kitchen an extra shine, many people are choosing to go with a matte finish, and we can clearly see why! Choosing a matte finish will give your kitchen a more contemporary look, but that's not the only reason matte is becoming the go-to finish. Matte finishes absorb light better than glossy finishes, which gives cabinets a flat appearance. Since glossy finishes tend to not absorb light very well, they are bound to have a little bit of shine to them.

Another great thing about a matte finish is that they are not going to appear as dirty as cabinets with a glossy finish. Matte does a better job of concealing smudges, scratches and stains. This doesn't mean that they are completely prone to those things, but just that they won't show up as easily. The one downfall of a matte finish is that oil stains show up easily and are difficult to remove.

Pullout drawer that organizes pots and lids

3. Optimize storage space

Storage space is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. You have to have plenty of cabinet space for pots, pans, spices, food and so much more. Besides that, you want your storage space to be practical. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase cabinets and leave out the shelves that would typically go inside. Instead of having shelves, you can put different accessories, such as a pullout drawer or a Lazy Susan. This makes it easier for people to access pots, pans, food and whatever else may be hiding in your kitchen.

Did you know that Waukee CabinetWorks has a ton of different accessories available to you? Stop by our showroom and discuss your needs with one of our experienced designers!

Mismatched kitchen cabinetry

4. Not Everything Needs to Match

Having a perfectly matched kitchen is a thing of the past. It used to be that pairing gold hardware with stainless steel appliances was a cardinal sin in kitchen design. That's not an issue anymore. In fact, this design choice may quickly become the standard, as people are now leaning towards bronze and gold hardware. Having colored hardware like this can help give your kitchen and extra touch, that isn't too "in your face." Just picture how cool it would be to have navy blue cabinets accessorized with gold hardware.

Another great kitchen design idea is the mixing and matching of cabinets. For example, some people are putting one color of cabinets on the perimeter of the kitchen and a completely different color on the kitchen island. Other people are doing different colors on the top and bottom cabinets. It's up to you and your design preferences. You can even put a neutral color on the perimeter of the kitchen, such as a white or gray, and add a contrasting color to the kitchen island, such as black or green. This brightens up your kitchen and gives it a major personality.

Two-tiered bar island in the basement

Designer: Pam Meyer-Green, G.M. Roth

5. Remove Two-Tiered Island

How many people do you know have a two-tiered island in their kitchen? Okay, how many of those people want to get rid of their two-tiered island? Although these types of kitchen islands were popular in the early 2000s, people are now wanting to steer away from them and go towards a completely flat kitchen island. There are a few reasons for this. For one, two-tiered islands actually cut down on space, including the prep space and the eating space. Additionally, the space between the two levels is prone to messes and other unwanted stains from cooking. The top tier is not only inconvenient for eating, but it is also inconvenient for serving. Shorter individuals, such as children, may not be able to see or reach the food that is being served, due to the high level.

While it is a lot of work, these islands can be updated to a completely flat island. Having a flat island will help with serving, cooking and open up your space overall. Come into the showroom and let our designers help you bring your vision to life.

Although kitchen trends change from year to year, we are confident that these are going to be here for the long haul. Whether you are looking to just update your cabinets, or you want to revamp your entire kitchen, give Waukee CabinetWorks a call and we can help bring your vision to life!

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