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4 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Laundry Room Storage Space

Laundry Room

Honestly, we hate doing laundry. It's tedious and can take FOREVER to do. Having a functional laundry room, however, can make doing laundry less daunting. Check out simple ways that you can update your laundry room and make doing chores a little more fun.

Take Advantage of Bare Walls

Get creative with the walls in your laundry room. If you can, add wall cabinets, but make sure that it does not make your entire room look too bulky. If you don't have enough room to add wall cabinets, you may want to just put in some floating shelves. Doing this still allows you to have plenty of storage space for your laundry essentials without making the room feel smaller and more compact.

Another way to get creative in your laundry room is by adding in a folding station. This is obviously going to be extremely useful for laundry rooms that lack countertop space. It is something you can add to the wall and use when you need to fold clothes. When you are done using it, you simply fold it back up to the wall so it is out of the way.

Add Pullout Drawers to Existing Cabinets

We all know that adding pullout drawers to existing cabinets works in the kitchen, but did you know that it works in the laundry room as well? You can add some drawers that will store detergent, but get a little creative with it! Think of things that drive you nuts in a laundry room and what you can do to remedy those problems. For example, if you're tired of tripping over your laundry baskets all the time, consider adding in a pullout drawer specifically for them. This not only eliminates the tripping hazard, but it also helps to declutter the space.

Another way to utilize pull-out drawers in your laundry room is by adding an ironing board pullout. This eliminates you having to set up and store your ironing board every time you want to use it. Now, you just simply have to pull the drawer out, iron and put it away.

Add a Bookshelf

Maximize laundry room storage space by adding a bookshelf, if space allows. Not only does this give your laundry room a trendy look, but it is also going to provide you with a ton of extra storage space. To make it a little more decorative, you can add some baskets to put in your laundry supplies. If the bookshelves provide enough space, you may even be able to store your laundry baskets. Adding a bookshelf works best if you have any awkward wall or corner space in your laundry room. If you don't have that, it may make your room a little crowded.

Insert a Laundry Pedestal

You can never have too much storage in any room in your house, and that applies to your laundry room. If you're lacking on storage space and are running out of room in your laundry room, consider raising the washer and dryer and installing a laundry pedestal. A laundry pedestal will only work if you have a front-load washer and dryer. They are great for storing detergent, dryer sheets and other laundry essentials. You can also have them store your laundry baskets, so they are off of the floor and out of the way. Laundry pedestals also help to raise your washer and dryer, so you no longer have to bend over to do laundry.

There are so many different things you can do in your laundry room, but you have to decide what is going to work for you. Waukee CabinetWorks wants to help you build your perfect laundry room. Give us a call at (515) 310-1070 or click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced designers!

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