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The Pros and Cons of Open Shelving

Open shelving in kitchen remodel

Open shelving is a hot topic when it comes to kitchen renovations. You either love them, or you hate them. It's time we dive into the real pros and cons of open shelving for your kitchen.


There are so many reasons why someone would want to install open shelves in their kitchen. One of the biggest reasons is because you can easily access everything you need when you are cooking. Whether you are reaching for your spices or serving dishes, everything is right in front of you and within an easy reach. You can also see everything right in front of you, making prep work quicker.

Instead of installing chunky cabinet boxes in the kitchen, many people are opting to open the kitchen up by installing open shelves. This works particularly well if you have a small kitchen. Utilizing open shelves helps to open the space and not feel as cramped. Depending on the type of shelves you choose to install, your shelves may not even come out as far as cabinet boxes will, opening the space up even more.